Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Seven x Seven] Award!

Once upon a time (ok, maybe a month ago), I was browsing through the link-ups to Gussy Sews' {Inspiration Workshop}, and I stumbled upon a little blog called Buttonwood Cottage and just had to comment on the paisley wallpaper she posted.  (To be honest, it reminded me of a pretty fabric that Morgan found and we use on our Wilbur eBook Covers!)  And then I read a little more about this Buttonwood gal, and learned that she is also new to running an Etsy shop.  I think it only took about 2 posts before I clicked "follow".  Each day, I look forward to her posts; but last Thursday I found a surprise!  Sweet Kasey gave us the Seven x Seven Award!

And the rules...
  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you (Thanks, Kasey at Buttonwood Cottage!)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Share 7 blog posts that fit into 7 categories
  • Nominate 7 award-worthy blogs/bloggers, and leave a message letting them know!

I'm going to stretch this a bit and give you 7 facts about the friendship of Morgan + Chelsea:

{1} Morgan was the very first person I officially met at college orientation.  My Ma and I sat with her and her Mom at the welcome presentation. :)
{2} We are Golden Hearts from Wesleyan College (first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women).
{3} We didn't really become close friends until Junior Year, then we were apartment-mates Senior year (it was the best year EVER)!
{4} There was more than one Morgan in our class, and since our Morgan is on the tiny side, I started calling her "Little Morgan", which soon shortened to "Little".  (And yes, that is why the name LittleStitch was so perfect for us!)
{5} Our hubbies became friends, too- we were all in each other's weddings!
{6} Morgan has been adopted as a sister in Chelsea's family- she's even know as Aunt Little to Caroline Marie.
{7} I asked my hubby to give one more fact about Morgan + me, and he said, "Cuties. That's what Budd would say."  (Copper Budd is our pup, aka Penny's brother.) (And I totally think HE'S the cutie.)

7 Posts:
{1} Most Likely to Overuse a Word
{2} Lots of Nicknames for Non-Living Things
{3} The Post that Morgan Wrote
{4} The One Get-to-Know-Us Post
{5} Fabric Finds, Project Runway Style
{6} Our First Award
{7} The One with the Most Views

7 Blogs:
{1} Britney at The Musings of a Twenty-Something Wife
{2} 2Messy
{3} Chandra at A Stylish Little Lady
{4} Lindsey at Sweetly Yours
{5} Jessi at Hopes and Dreams
{6} Newly Engaged Sarah (congrats!) at Sometimes Sarah Writes
{7} Kerrie at The Williams Post

In other news...
Happy Birthday to Morgan's hubby, Larry!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Yay for blog awards!!!! Can't wait to check out the blogs you suggested!

    And Happy Birthday to Larry!

    1. Thanks, Kasey! We just got back from a fun birthday dinner and gifted him with a set of nerf guns :)

  2. Awwww thanks ladies! Your so good to me... :)


  3. aww thanks girls! This will be fun!

    1. Tons of fun, Kerrie! Thanks for being your awesome self :)