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Get to Know the LittleStitchers!

Going on 2 months isn't too late to get to know us LittleStitchers, right?  Err, well... sorry about that.  I guess we should have started with this post in November.  Oops!  Better late than never!  Here are some questions we both answered- hope you get to know us a little better.  (Shout out to Chelsea's Cuz aka Stef for helping with the questions!  Hey Cuz Heeeey!)  Morgan's responses are in blue, and Chelsea's are in green.

Clockwise from left: Morgan & Chelsea- fun night in Aug. 2007;
Pre-Pep Rally 2006; Happy New Year 2012 
{1} Damn Yankee or Southern Belle?
M: Southern Belle - There's no denying it with this accent. He he!
C: Born a damn yankee, married a redneck... I think I'm stuck somewhere in the middle :)

{2} Pick a color, any color!  

M: TURQUOISE - Only the best the color in the world!
C: Head over heels for anything GREEN!  

{3} Who inspires you the most?

M: My mom - She's the busiest person I know, but she still finds time to be the most thoughtful and wonderful I know, too.  If you can't tell, I love her!
C: My Sister and my Ma are two of the most amazing women I've ever known.  My sister is so full of love and is the most considerate and hard-working person I know.  I just love watching her interact with people and seeing the joy she spreads to those around her without even realizing it.  She feels every emotion with her whole heart and it is inspiring to be a part of her life.  My Ma (who also feels every emotion with her whole heart) has recently taken a huge risk to find happiness career-wise... I couldn't be more proud of her!  I feel so lucky to have a wonderful friendship with my Ma.

(L) Morgan & her Mom; (R) Chelsea, her Sister, her Mom, & her niece 

{4} Are you a morning person or night owl? 

M: Definitely night owl.  However, my dog is trying his best to convert me by waking me up every day by 7:30 AM (even on the weekends).
C: Night hootie :).  Mornings and I are not friends and never will be.  Waking up to an alarm is my least favorite thing in the world. 

{5} Name that tune- who's playing on your iPod right now?  
Jam Session- Who would you bring?

M: Jeremy Camp is on my iPod right now.  He's beautiful inside and out. ;)  
To a jam session, I would bring Carter Beauford, drummer from DMB, because he's one the happiest and most talented musicians I've ever seen.  Plus, I'd get to say "Carter Beauford on the drums, y'all know" like Dave says at his concerts.  LOL!  I'd also bring Chris Cornell, lead singer from Audioslave and Sound Garden, because I think he's pretty awesome and my mom would kill me if I didn't invite him.  And this one's going to be the same as Chelsea, I'm pretty sure...  Sara Bareilles.  She's got lungs, and she can rock it on the piano.  I love her!
C: Lately when I've been running, I have a mix of Lady Gaga and Incubus (such an odd mix, I know!) playing on my iPod; and when I stitch I've been jamming to The Sing-Off contestants, Christina Perri, and Elizabeth & the Catapult on Pandora.  
Jam Session- I would totally bring Incubus and Sara Bareilles.  I've been an Incubus fan since 7th grade (1998), and a Sara fan for a couple of years.  At my jam session, Brandon Boyd & Sara would hopefully fall in love and later have talented musician babies.

{6} Quote it: what saying has stuck around in your head and inspired you?

M: This is a Bible verse that peps me up when I'm down, and I pinned a pretty picture of it on Pinterest this morning so it's meant to be:  "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11
C: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss; yes, even grown-ups need to read Dr. Seuss!

Jeremiah 29:11 & Dr. Seuss

{7} If you're not stitching or working, what are you doing?

M: During the summer, you can find us on our boat or at a Braves game.  We live 7 minutes from the lake and love to spend time there.  We are also huge Atlanta Braves fans and go to games frequently.  During the winter, we hang out on the couch watching movies, new TV shows, and UNC basketball games.  We love North Carolina basketball and are hoping for a National Championship appearance this year.  Go heels!
C: Hanging out with the love of my life and our sweet pups, daydreaming about where life will take us.  I also try to get away every spare minute I can to spend time with my sweet niece, Caroline Marie (daughter of my amazing sister).  We have 2 nephews, Henry & Parker, on the way so we are excited to meet and love on them!  We love going out or eating in with our favorites: Morgan & Larry.  And yes, a lot of time is spent on the lake with them!  Also, I love to read and go for drives with my Hubby to find pretty places for pretty pictures.

(L) Andrew, Chelsea, Morgan, & Larry in 2008;
(R) Morgan & Chelsea on the lake in 2009

{8} What is the most loved item in your Penny Purse?
M: At the moment, my green apple chapstick.  I have a really bad habit of licking my lips, and during the winter, this can cause you to get a massive chapped ring around your mouth... Very embarrassing for me as a child.  Ha ha!
C: My amazing planner given to me by my boss and his wife!  They had it personalized with my name on the front and a photo of my sweet Caroline Marie on the back... I love it so much!  It's this one linked here

{9} What makes your heart stitch?

M: I have expensive taste.  So, I decided that I better learn to how to sew because I couldn't afford to decorate my house with stuff from Pottery Barn.  Plus, who doesn't want to sew after looking at Pinterest for like 5 minutes. ;)
C: I've always felt happiest when I'm creating something.  When I was in high school, sewing sparked an interest in me and my Gramma (who was an amazing seamstress) taught me the basics.  She has since passed, but I feel her around me every time I sit and sew.  I hope to pass down a love of stitching to my babies and grandbabies one day. :)

{10} The Wilbur eBook Cover wants to know... 
what book do you love almost as much as him?

M: I love the book The Giving Tree.  I've loved it since I was a little girl and hope to read it to my kiddos one day.
C: I think every woman should read The Kind of Love That Saves You by Amy Yurk.  It is an amazing, heartfelt story that is a total tear-jerker, and brings a whole new appreciation to the relationships in your life.  Also, every pup-parent should read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  Absolutely amazing book.

{11} You've known her since 2003- what's a silly story about your co-stitcher?

M: There are so many to choose from... I think one of the silliest memories that I have of Chelsea comes from the time that we went to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Charleston, SC.  There was a very enthusiastic fan doing a funky "hippy" dance.  So, after studying his dance moves for several hours, Chelsea and I decided that it would be a good idea to join him.  Needless to say, we had fun, but our husbands probably wanted to hop in the car and pretend they didn't know us. Ha ha!
C: I agree with Morgan, there are so many to choose from!  One that sticks out in my mind is when we were on our Senior Trip in the Bahamas... Little and I had been sharing a jug of the island's finest, and she decided to sit on the beach where the waves wash up.  One second she was laughing, and the next second she was upside down in the water.  I kid you not, a tiny little 6-inch wave completely flipped her over!  We laughed FOR EVER!  It was hysterical!

Clockwise from bottom left: DMB Concert in Charleston, SC- 2008;
Senior Trip in the Bahamas, 2007

{12} Hey, you! What nicknames do you answer to?
M: I answer to Morgie, Mo mo, Mo, Morgs, Little, Little Morgan, Little M, and Faircloth. BTW, If you haven't figured out the whole "little" thing, I'm short - 5' 1" to be exact. :)
C: Chels, Cheltz (how my family likes to say it with a Southern accent), Sister, Lalla, G (long story that I will probably NEVER go into), and Andrew calls me something new every day which cracks me up.  (Most recently: Shorty.  Prior to that: Beast and Nugget.)  I also answer to "HEY YOU," because Andrew yells it from the other room while I'm stitching at night. :)

{13} A radioactive spider has bitten you! What super power do you now possess?
M: I would want to be invisible.  I'm sneaky as it is, but can you imagine how sneaky I would be if I were invisible?!  Wow!  Plus, I'm scared of heights so flying is out!
C: I'm going to pick 2 (cheater!): a photographic memory (I currently have the WORST memory.  EVER.), and teleportation.  I only live 2 hours from my family, but it would be nice to be able to pop in and visit whenever I want and not worry about the drive.  I'd pop in and see my Sweets at daycare or my Sis on my lunch break! :)  And hey Cuz, how about coffee in the mornings??  (Side note: Teleportation = no driving = no road rage!) 

{14} What awful chore do you pass to the hubster whenever possible?

M: My husband does chores?!  Ha ha.  He might kill me for that one.  I hate cleaning out the gutters.  It really creeps me out because I can't see what I'm touching in there.  Gross!  I try to get my hubby to do it, but sometimes, I end up doing it...  Not fun!
C: The dishes!  And folding clothes!  The two worst chores in the history of chores.  I'm so lucky- Andrew and I pretty much split the housework 50/50 (especially these days with LittleStitch keeping me pretty dang busy).

{15} What would your day job be if you stuck with your 5 year-old self's decision?

M: Oh dear... This one might get me in trouble.  Let me preface this by saying that I didn't know what actually went on here when I wanted to work at this lovely establishment.  I would probably be a stripper because I wanted to work at the Stagecoach Cafe in Albany, GA when I was 5.  I saw it on the way to one of my family's favorite Italian restaurants...  It had pretty flashing lights, and my mom said that dancers worked there.  So, therefore, I wanted to work there.  Ha ha ha!  Glad that didn't work out!
C: Wow, well- my life wouldn't have been anywhere NEAR as interesting as Little's.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Zoologist or a Marine Biologist.  (Then I grew up and took biology- not so good at that, after all.)  I still love animals and if I had the smarts and the stomach, I would have loved to be a veterinarian.  But alas, I'll settle for loving on my furbabies. :)

Amazing times in college!

{16} Of the Fancy and Famous, who would you invite to dinner?

M: I would invite Brad Pitt... Not because he's hot.  I would invite him so I could pop him in the back of the head for dumping Jennifer Aniston.  LOL!
C: Adam Sandler- and I'd make sure my Pa was there because he could get rich off giving ideas to him.  And I'd love to hear them quote his movies back and forth.  Then I'd put him in the tub and have him reenact the shampoo vs. conditioner scene in Billy Madison.  That's normal.

We hope you enjoyed these little bits of our lives outside of LittleStitch!  If you'd like to know anything else, you need only ask. :)

Take care,

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