Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Namesake Feature: The Ramsey Pouf

In the Penny Purse Namesake post last week, you should have learned two things: (1) Penny, the pup, loves to sleep, and (2) we love our dogs!  So, you wanna take a guess about where the name of the Ramsey Pouf came from?!  You guessed it – My dog, Ramsey!

After many, many, many months of harassing my husband about getting a dog, he finally caved.  We wanted to adopt a pup, but apparently, small dogs are a hot commodity in the pet adoption world!  So, we headed to the pet store and found the cutest puppy ever!  He looked like a little teddy bear, and I had to have him.

Ramsey is part of the family now.  Like his buddy, Penny, he loves to sleep!  In fact, he sleeps under the covers, which gives him some serious “bedbody” (a condition similar to bedhead but affecting the entire body).

Ramsey has many talents.  He can jump about four feet off the ground.  Especially when there is food in your hand!  It’s a pretty wild site considering he only weighs about eight pounds.  He also runs laps around the house and/or yard on a daily basis.  The only thing that you see when he runs by is a blur.  That little guy is fast!  Sometimes, he runs so fast that he face-plants on the ground because his feet come out from under him.  Okay, that might not be because of his speed…  That might be because he’s extremely clumsy.  We say that he gets that from his mama!

As Chelsea mentioned, we love nicknames.  Ramsey has several…  Some of which I cannot share because he only gets called these names when he’s in trouble and they might not be appropriate for all readers.  He he!  The ones that I can share include Little Man, Ramsey Man, Baby Boy, Booger, Booglet, Bubby, and Ramsey Perkins McGhee Carpenter.  The last one is his full name according to his daddy. :)

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