Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabric Finds- Welcome to Mood!

Who's a fan of Project Runway?  I wish Tim Gunn would come visit me in my dining room studio every time I'm stitching.  Especially when I'm having issues.  I can imaging him saying, "Chelsea, I'm worried.  I just can't visualize where this is going.  Make it work!"

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In honor of the 2 episodes behind I am on Project Runway All Stars, how about a little window shopping at Mood?  (Hmm, perhaps we should name a new item after their beloved Swatch?)


First up is this pretty Sterling Polka Dots woven fabric- picture this is as a super cute Penny Purse!  It'd be gorgeous with the lining and straps in a deep beeswax yellow or dark teal.  


If you do go with teal lining and straps for gray The Penny Purse, this would make a precious complimentary Maddie Make-Up Pouch!  I'd love to see it with a purple bow.  How fun would it be to pull this out every time you need your chapstick?


Let's say you have this really sweet and adorable niece who is always hogging her Momma's Ramsey Pouf... stitch this sweet little pink fabric up into a Ramsey Pouf of her very own!  I'd use gray piping.  Wouldn't it be precious in a trio of varying sizes?  A small one for her head when she has her milk, a medium one to play on, and a big one to curl up and sleep on... oh, goodness- this auntie just got an idea!  Ok, moving on.  We all know there's only have 30 minutes to shop at Mood!


I've always wanted a green striped bolster pillow, but how fun would this fabric be as Pippa Pillow Covers?  You could go simple and match the piping to the green or natural in the fabric, OR go wild!  Pick a pretty pink or yellow or turquoise piping to jazz it up.


And last, but certainly not least, how fun would this geometric print be on a Wilbur eBook Cover?  You could match it up with a solid on the interior to tame it a bit, or go nuts and do the print over the entire thing!  If you're anything like me, though... halfway through a paragraph you'll be distracted by the pattern.  Yeah, I would have to go with a solid on the interior.

(Sidenote: seriously, how do the Project Runway designers spend only 30 minutes shopping for fabric?!  I would lose in the first challenge just from not being able to decide on a fabric.)

Have a great weekend!

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