Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Namesake Feature: The Penny Purse

For the past couple of days we've chatted about The Penny Purse.  On Monday, we featured the purse itself.  And yesterday, I showed you just how much I carry in my purse each and every day (recap: a LOT).  To wrap up our features on The Penny Purse, I'd like to introduce you to her namesake.  Meet my baby girl, Penny:

Yes, that's my fur baby!  And if you haven't noticed before, we do a lot of nicknaming around here.  Penny also answers to Penny Baby, Baby Girl, The Beebs, Bieber Fever, Penny Babs, Peeny Pi-ny-nee, The Pretty Penny Girl and many more.  Her most favorite activity is:

Yeah, she sleeps. A lot.  And snores.  We always joke about how she has a 23-hour quota to meet per day.  She will find the most cozy spot and claim it.  No bed is too big or too small (though if you're sharing with her, she WILL kick you until you give her more room).  In particular, she loves snoozing on her back and I have yet to stitch up some panties for her.  Gal has no sense of modesty.

Penny is fiercely loyal and is straight-up a Daddy's girl.  She loves her Daddy more than anything... they have a lot in common: a penchant for finding the coziest spots, and for falling asleep anywhere at any time.

Penny couldn't be any more different from her brother (more on him later), and yet they are the perfect pair of pups.  When we adopted her, they showed us her mother (a solid black German Shepherd) and told us she'd most likely grow to be 70-80 lbs.  Well, apparently Penny has more of her father in her, since she turned out to be a 55 lb. hound!  She's been a wonderful part of our little family for almost 3 years, and I sure hope scientists are working on an Everlasting Life potion for pups because I'd like to keep her around for as long as I live.

So, are you sensing a theme here a LittleStitch?  We sure do love our pups around here.  Check back with us tomorrow as we recap our very first sale!  Yesterday was quite a big day for LittleStitch (and today is, too) and I can't wait to share the details of our adventure.

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