Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration Workshop {Bedrooms}

Remember last week when we chatted about those gorgeous watercolor-esque fabrics, and I decided this fabric made me want to redecorate my bedroom?

via Pinterest

Well, it was perfect timing because this week we're linking up with Gussy's {Inspiration Workshop}!  And this week's prompt is: Bedrooms!

Based on the inspiration from the fabric above, this is how I would love to revamp our master bedroom (which hasn't been touched since we moved into our house in 2008).

                   1                                            2                                             3

{1} Lovely gray walls- I'm torn between three Benjamin Moore colors: Wickham Gray (shown above), Edgecomb Gray, & Revere Pewter
{2} Striped fabric headboard with nailhead trim, white bedding with fabric inspiration pillows
{3} Floor to ceiling curtains (preferably in white)

                    4                                           5                                            6

{4} Gorgeous glass lamps for nightstands
{5} Painted bench at the end of the bed for me to throw my laundry piles on
{6} Cozy chair in the corner for me to throw a bunch of other crap on

                    7                                                   8                                              9

{7} Collection of thrifted frames on the wall &/or gallery wall
{8} Meaningful art- lyrics to songs that mean something to us (first dance, etc.)
{9} A tall mirror so I can make sure my skirt is not tucked into my underwear

And I am pretty much head over heels for this room.  If I get home and my bedroom has magically transformed itself, I won't be mad.  Not at all.
via Pinterest
Wow, that was fun!  Although, when I get home and see what my bedroom REALLY looks like- well, that will be quite a Debbie Downer moment. :)

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. That corner chair rocks! I want one for my reading nook :)

    1. Isn't it amazing? I'm also loving the jute trim on the turquoise pillow on the left... ah, I want it all! :) Thanks for stopping by!