Friday, March 2, 2012

The Week in Photos

It flew by, but it was a good week.  I'm bouncing with excitement because my sweet Sister, her Caroline Marie and my Ma are coming to visit this weekend!  We'll be busy planning a Monster Bash couples' shower for my brother & sister-in-law, who are expecting little Parker in May!  And of course we'll be grilling up pizza on Saturday night, because that's what we do when people come to town. :)  (P.S. If you've never had grilled pizza, please try it soon!  It is the most amazing, delicious pizza you will ever eat- but I warn you: it will ruin you for all other pizza.)  Anyway, here's a peek at what has been going on the past week:

Morgan and I played darts with our husbands for HOURS on Saturday night.  We even made up our own game.  It involved math, so of course I started off with the lowest score.  I'm going to blame it on the rum punch, mmkay?

While we played darts, my Penny nugget found the most uncomfortable position, and soon fell asleep.  She's weird.  I love her for it.

Finally found some cameo apples for the Hubs at Publix and they are HUGE.  I know the sign says large, but they were just being modest.

This was my stitching queue on Sunday. :)  I'm happy to say it has been completed!

This rambunctiousness is what I come home to every day.  Chase, chase, flip, roll, growl, bite ankles, bark, run and start again.  Penny loves to nibble Copper's leg like a turkey leg!

Meanwhile, Kitty Bug watches out the window and looks pitiful.  Sorry, KB- the great outdoors is a dangerous world for an indoor kitty like you.

Stitching up a Sweet Pleat for my Sister.  Is there anything in this world better than a Sister?  I can't imagine life without her.

Fabrics in my to-cut basket for open orders!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!  I'll probably be sharing tons of photos of my sweet niece on Twitter (@LittleStitchers) because, YES, I am so that aunt. ;)


  1. Sounds like a super fun week! :) And sisters count if they aren't actually related to you don't they? xoxo

  2. Is your workspace always that clean? So envious...

  3. Love your little fur babies!