Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweets on a Tuesday

I have to warn you- if you are fully intent on being grumpy for the day, you should look away now.

I will not be held responsible for any of the following symptoms and/or side effects you may experience from looking at the photo below: heart-swelling, giant smiles, cooing at your computer screen, trying to hug your computer screen or baby fever sparks.

You have been warned!

Proceed with caution.

Sweet Sweets the BIG girl!
You can't have her- she's mine!

Say "Hi Sweets, HI!" to the sweetest baby in the entire world, my niece, Caroline Marie.  She's just chilling in the front seat, keeping an eye on that Penny Purse while her Momma adjusts her car seat straps because she's growing so big!  (She's starting to wear some of her 12-month clothes, but she's not quite 7 months old yet.)  I love this sweet baby and her Momma more than anything.

Thanks to my Sister for including your Penny Purse in today's photo of Sweets so I totally had an excuse to share it on the blog!  ;)

Wishing I had worn my stripey socks today...

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