Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspiration Workshop {Organization}

It's that time again... Gussy's Inspiration Workshop!  This month the topic is organization.  Which has inspired me to get a jump start on my dining room/stitching space.  Oh yes, I have commandeered the dining room.  And it currently looks like this:

Ok... so if you shift those baskets around and toss two of them on the table, take those patterns off the wall and toss them on the table, throw some interfacing scraps and thread snippings all over the floor, and add a lady with a crazed look in her eye- well, that would be a little more accurate to it's current state.  MOVING ON.

Since we don't really use our dining room as a dining room anyway, and we don't have much need to keep it as a dining room (no plans on expanding this family any time soon), I'm planning to slap some paint up on the walls (most likely a warm gray or greige) and create a truly organized and functional stitching space and office.  Here is some inspiration:

via Pinterest

I absolutely love the paneled ceiling & wish that would work in my space!  The pegboard mounted on the wall and painted to match is brilliant; as is the counter space and cute tiered rack.  LIGHTING is what I need more of... chandeliers aren't the best crafting light, who knew?  The recessed lighting is perfect in this photo and I also love the lamp by the sewing machine.

via Pinterest
If I come home and my dining room has turned itself into this awesome space, I won't mind.  Nope, I won't mind a bit.  I love the shelves that span the length of the entire wall, with the lowest shelf creating a desk space.  I would most likely create an L-shape off that bottom shelf to have additional space for my sewing machine.  Lots and lots of fabric and baskets would line those shelves!
I love this corner desk!  It gives that additional space you need behind the sewing machine.  She looks like she has everything she needs right at her fingertips in this organized space.  (Also, I spy a remote control... if I am expected to get anything done, a TV can not be in my space.  Did I mention I'm easily distracted?)

via Pinterest

This is AMAZING.  Check out all of that organization in one little corner!  So smart to turn that last shelf on sideways and paint a chalkboard frame.  I spy a trip to IKEA in my near future.

I can't wait to browse the rest of the amazing ideas that are linked up to the Gussy Sew's Inspiration Workshop!

Happy Friday Eve,


  1. Awesome :) Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet - I know I'm horrible :( BUT I did link you in my blog today!


    1. You are not horrible and I'm so happy you love your make-up bag!! :) Email me soon, I want to hear about how the interview and all of that stuff went... and the anniversary plans! I'm heading over to your blog now. Have the BEST day! :)

      This weekend I WILL make time to paint my nails In Stitches!!!