Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Room for LittleStitch

We are so incredibly thankful for the steady number of orders that have been coming in since the day after Christmas.  It is unreal to think that our LittleStitch treasures are finding their way around the nation- we are over the moon excited!

As you saw just before Christmas, my LittleStitch workspace had taken over our dining room.

This set-up was not working for me: fabric on the floor, tabletop covered with accessories, patterns, fabric, etc.  It was a disaster of epic proportions.  And it did not get cleaned up before we headed to North GA for our family Christmas vacation.  When we got home on Friday, I was so overwhelmed.  And I knew with all of the orders coming in, I had to make this space work for me.

It's just my husband, our 2 dogs and cat, and me at home.  We very rarely ever use our dining room.  Only when we have more than 2 people over- which probably happens maybe 5 times a year.  Even when our families visit, for many meals we cram ourselves in at the kitchen table and bar.  So after clearing it with my hubster, I set out to turn the dining room into my LittleStitch workspace.

Holy bobbins, I am so in love with my new space!  Patterns hung on the wall!  Fabric organized and stored in baskets on the hutch!  A desk space!  Dining table turned sewing table covered with mats (thank you, Santa Lalla and Jake & Allie)!  There's even a shelf next to my desk that holds all of the interfacing and sewing accessories!  And the best part is- for those 5 times a year that we actually sit and eat in this room, we can easily clear away the mats and my sewing machine.

And there's one little fluffer-nuffer who might like my space even more than I do...

Yes, Kitty Bug is reliving our high school days when she'd keep my lap warm at this very same desk while I did homework.  (She was a little rascal of a kitten back then.)  She's loving it, as am I. :)

I'm sure this is the first of many changes LittleStitch will make to our home.  I'm so thankful!

Take care,

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