Monday, January 9, 2012

LittleStitch Items in Action!

It's a new week, already?  That was one speedy weekend.  I hope everyone had a good one!

As mentioned last week, we are starting to get some feedback back from our amazing LittleStitch customers.  And some have sent us photos of their LittleStitch treasures in action!  (This has made my year- and it's only January 9th!)

First up, we completed a custom order of The Pippa Pillow Covers for a lovely gal named Jessica (one of my high school classmates).  We stitched these up in the sister fabric of The Ramsey Pouf, which features darker tones and more oranges and reds.  Check them out in Jessica's living room:

Super cute, right?  I love the colors with her neutral couch and dark wood tones- a great fabric choice, Jessica!  (Also, I love the chair in the background with the nailhead trim along the bottom!)

Next up is Karen from Art House Stationary.  Karen was our very first out-of-the-blue stranger customer (we'd completed a couple of orders for friends and family members at that point).  We were so excited to stitch up some of The Ramsey Poufs for her!  She purchased these as a Christmas gift for her brother, and check out how well they work in his space:

I love how well the print matches color-wise AND style-wise.  He has a great retro-mod vibe going on in his place, and these are certainly the icing on the cake.  And gosh, I love those curtains.  Karen was an absolute dream to work with!  She was patient through our first shipping problem (remember what I said about the USPS here?), and sent us the sweetest feedback after all was said and done.  Also, check out these precious ink & watercolor custom home portraits she sells in her Etsy shop.  Yes, totally itching to get one done of our first home. :)

We hope to get many more photos of LittleStitch treasures in action to share with you!
Happy Monday,


  1. I'm loving the Pippa pillow covers! Very nice!!! Thanks for the shout-out re. our house portraits!

  2. Thanks, Karen! We love those house portraits! :)