Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recap: 1st Month

We had our very first sale in the LittleStitch Shop on December 4th, just over a month ago (thanks, Aunt Carole!), and we wrote about that official first sale here.  In our first month, we processed 34 orders (totaling 39 items)!!!  What in the world?!  Yes, we are excited beyond measure!

This first month has definitely been a learning process.  We've learned that JoAnn's discontinues fabrics pretty frequently.  We've learned to wait until an order for 4 of The Ramsey Poufs is purchased before driving 2 hours on a weeknight to pick up 8 yards of the aforementioned discontinued fabric.  (But it was so worth it to snuggle on my sister & sweet niece!)  We've learned that some USPS customer service representatives consider Delivery Confirmation tracking to be "courtesy" and not a "necessity" (their words, for real).  Morgan has learned a heck of a lot about the State of Georgia's policies and regulations for small businesses and taxes (she's got the brains, y'all).  And I have learned that trying stitch up handmade Christmas gifts for 2 families while keeping up with Etsy orders was not my brightest moment.

We've also learned that friends and family are the best support ever.  We've learned that the handmade marketplace is a truly wonderful world.  We've learned that our customers are some pretty amazing and hilarious people.  We've learned that shipping our LittleStitch treasures across the nation ignites some very big dreams for us!

The ideas are steadily rolling in and we can't wait to add more to the shop!  Morgan was a busy LittleStitcher earlier this week and got some new Wilbur eBook Covers prepped for the shop- they should be listed very soon.  We're hoping to get more samples of The Maddie Make-Up Pouch listed, and add a few new products as well!

Thank you all so very much for your support- you are helping us live our dream!

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  1. I LOVE my Wilbur E-Book Cover!
    Cannot wait for my next order!

    So proud of you girls! xoxo