Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Namesake Feature: The Wilbur eBook Cover

You are in for a treat... I'd like for you to meet The Wilbur eBook Cover's namesake:

This is my nephew-pup, Wilbur.  His Momma is my Sister, Shannon.  And this picture sums up Wilbur to a 'T'. He is happy, smart, curious, goofy and head over heels in love with his Momma.  This photo was taken on his graduation day- isn't he cute?!

Wilbur's name came from the Wilbur in Charlotte's Web.  He looked like a little piglet as a puppy and did lots of snorting, so a piggy name came easy! :)

From the very beginning, we knew Wilbur was... special. ;)  He is hilarious and goofy, and all he wants is our attention.  He will play, play, play, play, play, pass out, play some more.  I always imagine that if he could talk, it would go something like this: "Momma-did-you-see-me?Play-I played!I-love-to-play!I-love-my-Momma!Play!Look-what-I-can-do!Did-you-see-it?Did-you?Did-you?"  Yes, one long no-breath run-on sentence of Wilbur loving.

Wilbur loves his cousins.  He's always been the absolute BEST with puppies.  (Seen above playing with Pippa and Penny as puppies.)  He figures out just the right amount of strength to use with them, and then he teaches them how to play big-kid style.  When all of the pups get together, it is one jumble of play-time with Wilbur right in the middle.

Wilbur's full name is Wilbur Curtis, but he also answers to Wilbths, Bubba, Brown Bear, Gray Beard, Big Brother Bubba, and Triple B with the No B.  No B as in no butt, haha.  He sits on the spot where his legs and tail connect, but there is no butt there! :)  He also has what my husband has dubbed a "3/4 stump tail"- it's original, just like Bubba.

Wilbur (the Drool King) just turned 5 years old (35 in dog years) on the 15th.  Happy Belated Birthday, Bubba!  I just love him and his Momma so very much. :)

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