Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Namesake Feature: The Pippa Pillow Cover

Yesterday, we chatted about The Pippa Pillow Cover.  What we love about The Pippa Pillow Cover is that it is beautiful, versatile and classic.  Does that bring a particular Pippa to mind?  Kate's Sister?  Well... we're not talking about her.  :)  The Pippa Pillow Covers actually get their name from an adorable Weimaraner puppy owned by Chelsea's Ma & Pa.  She's a spunky, fun-loving snuggle pup that loves to play with her fur-cousins.

Pippa as a puppy, January 2011

Pippa found her way into the family early this year.  She was just a wee little thing, too tiny to even play.  She'd just curl up in the closest lap and snooze her puppy day away.  But that didn't last for long, soon she was jumping and playing and chasing her big kid fur-cousins.

Pippa when she had a growth spurt... just in her legs

She's known to talk back to her Momma, melt her Papa's heart, and sass her big (human) brother.  She play-play-plays until she's exhausted, and then she keeps on playing with red-rimmed eyes and a sassy bark.

Pippa, Momma and sweet Caroline Marie
She's sweet and loving, and gives the best hugs.  She might be a little scared of stairs.  She has the most beautiful sterling coat.  She fits perfectly into our crazy wonderful family.

I hope you enjoyed a little info on our sweet Pippa of The Pippa Pillow Cover.
Talk soon!

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