Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep it Real

Ok, let's keep it real for a minute.  Below is a photo I took in my dining room at 1:20am in the midst of a sewing frenzy.

Yes, I sew in the dining room- it's got the largest (and least used!) table.  Yes, I am still working on my Ma's order of 5 purses.  Yes, there is a random TV sitting on the floor that Andrew still needs to carry upstairs to the guest bedroom (and yes- it has blankets thrown over the top because this gal gets chilly!).  Yes, we have mismatched chairs.  Yes, there are scraps of fabric ALL OVER the floor.  Yes, there are still about 9 projects (aka Christmas presents) cut and not sewn.  Yes, I've just recently discovered Pandora and keep it playing on my laptop during stitch sessions. (Currently loving The Sing-Off Contestants station mixed with the Classic Christmas station.)  Yes, there is a pile of fabric on the floor behind my chair.  (New Year's Resolution- create better storage for fabric!)  Yes, I am using a plate rack to hang purses to dry after a Scotchgard application (if we want to get technical- I'm using a wine rack as a plate rack as a purse rack. Haha- ok, ok... I'm claiming sleep deprivation).  Yes, I am using the tiniest cutting mat available (Santa, are you reading?).

What you don't see is the sleepy-head Australian shepherd mix standing behind me and putting his cold nose on the back of my leg to try and herd me to bed.  His sister Penny, of course, had already been asleep for about 5 hours at this point.

So please excuse us if the rest of this week's blog posts are bland, uninformative and/or random.  I promise next week will be full of much more exciting and energetic posts!

Hoping you're all much further along in your Christmas to-do lists than I am,

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