Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Week in Photos

In the midst of the madness, my hubby and I are trying to get back to a normal routine.  Our house is a disaster, but I've been trying to accomplish simple little tasks to keep us motivated.  It hasn't worked until last night, when I finally washed a couple loads of laundry and did some meal planning for the next week.  (Meal planning, which I have never done before, when the house is a disaster- priorities!)  Andrew and I have not made a home-cooked meal since this horrible situation happened to Little & her hubby a few weeks ago, so thanks to some inspiration from Kate, tonight I'm going to make spaghetti and my Ma's meatballs.

Apparently, the accomplishments from last night helped more than I thought, because this morning when I woke up eons before my alarm after another night of restless sleep, I got up and went for a run on the treadmill rather than lying in bed and moping.  It's been a while since my last run... so long that I had to dust the treadmill before turning it on!  The pups were so excited- they knew something was going on and as I was dusting the treadmill and getting the music going they kept nudging me with their little noses and and looking at me with their ears cocked (well, Copper's ears were cocked... Penny's ears just hang no matter how hard she tries, sweet little hound).  Finally, I opened both back doors in the sunroom and they hopped back and forth between them, chasing each other while I ran.  It cheered me up to see them acting so goofy.  I think I'll do it again tomorrow. :)

Another night out letting a restaurant feed us dinner.
They had a "Special Spring Drink".
I couldn't tell you what was in it,
but the Peep was dang cute.
P.S. My hubby had never heard of Peeps!  What?!

This was on Easter Sunday.
Penny was not thrilled with the Masters,
and did not appreciate that we let her on the couch.
She was making this face at me across the room.
I told her her face would get stuck like that.
She fell asleep with it, haha.

You know I have a thing for hooties.
I got this sweet hootie cookie jar for just $13!
I named her Ruby and she will be part of my new stitching space.
(I plan to move everything to one of the upstairs bedrooms,
once I get the motivation.)

Working on the RoadMap to Action at lunch,
before things went from bad to worse.

If I had to guess,
I'd say Copper was dreaming about farts.

Sweet Pups enjoying the ride around Andrew's parents' neighborhood.

Little Henry Snuggle Bug.
I hogged him for a very long time this past weekend.
It was so good to be with family.

My two favorite girls!
Aren't they so sweet in their coordinating clothes?
We were at another shower for Allie & Parker.
Parker will be here so soon and I can't wait to meet him.
Also, Caroline is 9 months old!
Time is flying by.

Once again, thank you all for the prayers and support!  (I feel like I can't thank you enough.)  Please keep them coming this weekend.  It's going to be a lonely Alumnae Weekend without my Little.

Ok, so Instagram came to the Droid market.  I'm currently using Streamzoo.  Is it worth it to switch?


  1. Instagram is awesome. I don't know what Streamzoo is but instagram is AWESOME! I just got it the other day and it is safe to say I'm hooked.

    Getting back to some sort of normal is so good and I'm glad you guys are doing it! Still praying and hoping for the best! :)

    1. I got it! And I LOVE IT. Thanks so much for your support, Skye!

  2. Working out is always great for boosting your mood! We just bought ourselfs an eliptical last night, so I'm pretty excited to get to use that baby all the time. Also, that owl is soooo cute!

    Keeping you guys in our prayers :)

    1. Oh fun- ellipticals are great! I started reorganizing one of the bedrooms upstairs last night, so hopefully Ruby the Hootie will be in her new space soon! :) Thanks for you support, Kate- truly appreciate it!

  3. Instagram is awesome :) plus I'll be able to follow you. Which I can't with streamzoo. So how are you feeling after getting on the treadmill yesterday? My new yoga DVD still has my legs sore.

    1. I LOVE it so far. (The Instagram, not the running, haha.) I'm sore as heck. How do you like yoga? Do you think clumsy & unbalanced people can do yoga? I've been holding out because of that...