Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kasey's Little Monsters

Today I’ve just got to share what my friend and fellow Golden Tribe member, Kasey, at Buttonwood Cottage is up to. Do you see these DELIGHTFUL baby hats? She’s just launched the new line “My Little Monsters” in her shop. Take a peek at the new designs ~ my favorite is Vernon... he's a cutie!

And guess what? These designs were inspired by little ol' me! Remember when I was working on Parker's Monster Bash? Oh yes, I will be getting one of these precious little monster hats for my newest nephew... I am so excited to see these hats on happy babies!

Let us know: which monster is your favorite? which color do you like best?

Also, be sure to check out Kasey's blog here!


  1. Aw thanks for the feature Chels! PS I started your nephews hat! :]

  2. Hehe what are the odds we both post about these cute little monsters today? :))) I need to place an order soon!