Thursday, January 26, 2012

The One When Chelsea Does Math

I was doing a little bit of math this morning.  Don't be scared!  I used a calculator.  And I might have Googled a thing or two... look, it's been a long time since I've had to do math.  I'm still recovering from school.

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ANYWAY, I wanted to get a basic idea of which items account for most of our sales, and also how many came in from friends & family vs. complete strangers.  I probably could have asked Little (Morgan) and she would have sent me a fancy excel spreadsheet with all kinds of formulas and the like (she's an accounting genius, y'all!), but this was a last minute idea so I went the easy route: calculator and post-it.  And a highlighter... because it needed some color.  Remember way back when I said Little has the brains?  Yeah, don't go quoting these statistics- they don't have the Little stamp of approval!  (Update: totally just taught myself how to make pie charts in excel.  I like pie.)

The Wilbur eBook Cover is definitely the prom king of the shop!  This item's sales started picking up the day after Christmas, and it hasn't stop since.  The Penny Purse is up there at 21%, and all of this item's sales have come from our lovely friends & family. :)  Which brings me to my next slice of pie...

We have amazing friends & family!  They account for 42% of our sales so far.  And our stranger sales are up to 58%!  I don't really like the term stranger- what I mean is, people we don't know in real life who just happen to stumble upon our little shop and decide to purchase an item.  But that was a really long term and it didn't fit on the pie, so stranger it is!  While we appreciate every single sale (friends, family & strangers!), the stranger sales really get us excited!  75% of our stranger sales were for The Wilbur eBook Cover (dang, Wilbur is so popular!), and 17% were for The Ramsey Pouf.  It has been so amazing watching the numbers grow during our second month!  We will most likely do another recap the first week of February to review how January kept us steady and busy. :)

Coming up in February is a slight price change on The Wilbur eBook Covers, and we'll also be introducing an iPad cover!  Lots of exciting things coming our way, and we can't wait to share the details!

Ok, I'm stepping away from the calculator now.


  1. 1st off -I'm proud to be an 11 percenter/58 percenter! Woot woot! 2nd -Ipad Cover!?!?! Yay! Can't wait to see them!

    1. Karen, you were the very FIRST "stranger" sale! We appreciate you so much- I wish you could have seen our reaction when that order went through. :) We can't wait to share the iPad covers, and we have a few other items up our sleeves. Have a great weekend!