Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LittleStitch Items in Action!

Today's LittleStitch Items in Action comes from a little family that means more to me than anything in this world!  Meet my sweet Sister, Shannon, and my gorgeous 6-month-old niece, Caroline (Shannon's also the Momma of our sweet Wilbur of The Wilbur eBook Cover):

Aren't they the prettiest two gals you've ever seen?  I just love them so much!  For Christmas, I made my Sis a custom version of The Ramsey Pouf, using a similar fabric but with darker tones.  I thought she'd enjoy a cozy spot for her hiney when she's on the floor playing with her sweet Caroline. :)  Well, I didn't plan this out very well- what I should have done is made THREE of The Ramsey Poufs, so that she'd actually get to enjoy using one!  It seems her sweet kids have become quite the Ramsey Pouf hogs:

Wilbur Curtis imitating a pouf while snuggling on The Ramsey Pouf

Sweet Caroline passed out on The Ramsey Pouf
Yes, between those two snuggle machines, Momma's not getting much time to enjoy the pouf for herself.  But I sure am glad The Ramsey Pouf is cozy enough for people & pups of all ages!  (Meanwhile, it won't be hard to pick something to stitch up for Caroline's birthday this year!)

Have a great day!

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