Friday, January 13, 2012

Feedback Friday

Woohoo, the weekend is so close I can smell it!  Or taste it?  How does that quote go again??  Wow, somebody is really ready for the weekend...

Anyway, I wanted to share some sweet feedback we received last week in the Shop.  As we mentioned before, we don't expect to get feedback from every customer - but when we do, it's better than cake batter froyo after a long week.  (Oh wait, did I just reveal my Friday night plan?)

Commenter purchased this Wilbur eBook Cover
"My order was filled very quickly and I love this book cover! I wanted something that did not have a velcro closure and that would not add much weight or bulk to my Kindle. The Wilbure eBook cover met all of my requirements, AND it was inexpensive, ready to ship, and in my favorite color! Merry Christmas to me!"

We're so happy she found exactly what she was looking for at LittleStitch!

On another note, for today 40 is our lucky number.  We had our very first sale 40 days ago!  And, as of today, we have had 40 sales!  Cheers to 400 more. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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