Friday, December 2, 2011

The Price Scoop!

Over some yummy La Berry frozen yogurt, Morgan and I carefully considered our shop pricing.  We originally based the pricing on comparable items throughout the Etsy marketplace.  However, many of these items came from sellers who had been selling on Etsy for 2+ years.  And since we're just getting started, we didn't think it was fair for our prices to be up that high.

We calculated the cost of materials for each item, the fees incurred through Etsy, and the time we spend crafting each handmade item, and realized we could go much lower on our prices!  And in our excitement- we immediately hopped on Etsy and made the changes.  So here's the scoop:

The Penny Purse is now $39.99!  The three current listings include a make-up pouch, so snatch them up quick!  Future listings of The Penny Purse will not have a make-up pouch included.

The Pippa Pillow Covers with piping are now $29.99, and The Pippa Pillow Covers without piping are $19.99!  Don't forget that we can do custom orders - let us know the color scheme you want and we can find the perfect fabric for you!

The Ramsey Pouf is now priced at a low $34.99!  This sweet and cozy floor pillow is wonderful to have around the house- especially if you have kids!

The Wilbur eBook Covers are now just $16.99!  We can make these to fit any version of the Nook and Kindle, so let us know your preference and we'll (Little)Stitch one up just for you!

We hope these items will fit your style... AND your budget!  And keep checking back, we are working on some new items that will show up in our shop very soon.

Talk soon!

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