Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Week (+1/2) in Photos

Here's what we've been up to since our last Week in Photos post... almost two weeks worth of photos, but I'm sneaking them in anyway. :)

The weekend of the 3rd, we had 5 pups staying with us!  
Pictured clockwise from top left are: 
my Copper Budd, my Penny Baby, Devon Blue, & Wilbur.
(Missing from the photo is Pippa Lalla.)

My Hubs with the two sleepy baby girls, 
Caroline Marie and Devon Blue. :)

HA!  Caught these two snuggling!  
Look at their guilty faces.

Caroline, I found your spoon... 
come back and get it Punkins!

Mid-week stress relief with my Hubby: 
beer and boiled peanuts by the lake.

This past Friday night, we had a craving for mimosas 
(and we actually had the ingredients!).  
So I cut out tons of fabric, caught up with Project Runway AllStars, 
and enjoyed a few of these puppies.
(And had a champagne headache Saturday morning!)

Custom order heading out the door!  
A custom cushion and 2 pairs of pillow covers for Nicole.

I pin.  A LOT.

A custom pouf Little stitched (haha, LittleStitched- love it!)...
and when she finished she sent me this photo and said, 
"It's DINO-mite!"
Yes, she's awesome like that.

How's your week going so far?  It's flying by!


  1. Look at you being all productive Friday night! So how do I go about setting up a custom order for an eBook case missy? Perhaps we'll do a bit of a swap so your cute niece gets her headband soon. Thoughts?

    1. Yes, let's chat about this! I talked with my sister earlier about colors for the headband- so excited!

  2. Okay the "Come and get it little Punkins" totally made me smile!! :)

    1. I might just be her Auntie, but I think I'll request custody every other weekend :). I love that sweet little girl and her Momma so much!

  3. I pin too little. Looking at all your pins makes me think I might just have to meet in the middle. I would have used like three for that whole thing! LOL!

    Love that custom order!! The colors and chevron are awesome!

    1. You're probably better off- I think I'm obsessive! Luckily I don't work with many delicate fabrics, so I can pin away. I'm really hoping this customer will send a photo of everything in their new place... I love them!

  4. Love all the little fur balls laying around...made me smile:D Here's to a good rest of the week.

    1. Oh, we love our furbabies, don't we Chandra? Wishing you a great rest of the week, too!

  5. Looks like a good week! Love all the pictures! :)

    1. Thanks Cassie! It was pretty dang good. :)

  6. These are great! I love those chevron pillow covers with the blue cushion :) And those pins are awesome - way to go perpendicular with the material - that looks way easier for the sewing machine... guess ya learn something new every day :)

    1. It's so funny you noticed! I switch it up on almost every item... I think it depends on how I pull it while pinning... Weird?