Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questions Answered

Hello, hello!  Last week, we were tagged by both Kasey at Buttonwood Cottage and Kate at DiscoverCreateLive to answer 11 Questions.  So what you're about to get is 22 questions answered by 2 people for a total of 44 answers (and we're cheating- we're not tagging 11 more bloggers because everyone we know has already been tagged!).  So here's a little bit more about us:

  1. When is your birthday?
LittleAugust 15, 1985
ChelseaJuly 11, 1985

  1. What is your favorite color?
ChelseaGreen, all kinds of green. 

  1. Where do you go/what do you do when you are overwhelmed and need to clear your head?
LittleGo running...  That's a shocker, isn't it?!
ChelseaI go out in the back yard on our porch swing and look at the sky or watch my crazy pups play in the yard.  Sometimes I bring a cup of tea or a beer- depends on the time of day, haha.

  1. Who would you call if you needed help burying a body? [oh yeah I just asked who your shovel buddy is.]
LittleProbably my husband...  I don't think any of my friends and I could pick up a dead body by ourselves.  Ha ha.
ChelseaMost likely my sister- because she’s sneaky and I know she’d support me no matter what the heck I got myself into!

  1. What is your favorite movie and why do you like it so much?
LittleThe Little Mermaid - It's been my favorite since I was a little girl.  And yes, I do know all of the songs by heart. :)
ChelseaThe Goonies!  I remember watching it with my siblings during our younger years, and the older I get the more funny the movie gets.  It is my go-to movie.

  1. If you had 15 minutes to go back in time and give the high school freshman version of yourself a piece of advice - what would it be?
LittleI would tell myself to stop worrying about what other people think.  That stopped me from trying out for the track team and I sure wish I had done that now.
ChelseaDon’t let your insecurities affect who you are.  And yes, he is THE ONE, but don’t rush it. J

  1. What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet or dresser?
LittleI have some black lounge pants that I can't live without... I'm sure my husband could though.  Ha ha.
ChelseaProbably this super cozy jersey navy floral dress in my closet that is only appropriate for beach or poolside.  But in the summers I put it on almost every day when I get home from work.  It is so cozy AND it has pockets!

  1. Your plans for the day have been canceled [don't worry you weren't looking forward to it]. What are you going to do with the 8 hours you have just freed up?
LittleCatch up on school work or stitching... I know, I'm boring!
ChelseaOh my goodness!  Can this please happen in real life?!  I would make a pot of coffee and spend an hour or so reading on the porch swing.  Then I’d take the pups for a walk by the lake or the duck ponds.  Then I’d come home and finish stitching my laptop bag.  Then I’d cook a HUGE pot of chili for dinner. And somewhere in there I’d totally take a nap.

  1. Of all the DIY projects and crafty goodness you've created what is your current favorite? 
Little:  I just made a "shipping supplies holder" that was inspired by Pinterest (of course).  It's perfect for all of the labels, paper, and envelopes that we use to ship our LittleStitch products.
ChelseaIt’s probably forever going to be the hand-stitched growth chart that I made for my sweet niece.

  1. You won a contest and were just given $1000...what do you do with it? 
LittleI would probably use it to go to the beach for the week!
ChelseaPut it toward a vacation with my ENTIRE family… Caroline Marie’s first trip to the beach!

  1. You're super well connected fairy godmother is paying you a visit and asks if there is anyone you are eager to meet. She loves connecting people so you need to come up with someone, fast, so as not to offend her. Who do you ask to meet and why? 
LittleI would like to meet Sarah Richardson and Tommy.   Speaking of them, when does Sarah's House come on again? I'm having withdrawals!
ChelseaHmm... probably Sara Bareilles.  Andrew and I have seen her twice in concert and she is hilarious.

  1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
LittleI have many (all of which are food-related) - Queso and chips, Cake Batter frozen yogurt, and gooey brownies!
ChelseaLazy days.  I love (and miss!) when my hubby and I would spend Sundays in our pajamas watching movies together.

  1. How many kids do you think you want {or not want}?
LittleI think I want four (two boys and two girls) so all of them would have a brother and a sister.  I'll give you a better (probably smaller) estimate after I have my first!  Ha ha.
ChelseaI used to think we’d have 3 kids.  But now I have so many new dreams, I’m not sure I can imagine more than 1!  Oh, well… we’re not in a hurry. J

  1. What's your favorite colour of nail polish?
LittleCurrently, it's Revlon Sweet Tart - Just the right pink for spring.
ChelseaNothing beats breaking out the hot pink for summer!

  1. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
LittleI would like to have one kiddo, be in my same job, and working toward buying our dream home.
ChelseaGosh, in 5 years I’ll be going on 32.  I would love to see that LittleStitch is my full-time job.  And maybe we’ve had our one kid.  I imagine my hubby at a fulfilling job he loves.

  1. What's your favorite game?
LittleDefinitely Phase 10!  We have had many fun nights playing this game.
ChelseaI love games! It’s a toss-up between Uno Attacks, Phase 10 and Farkle!  I also love Cranium nights with my family.  (If you’d seen my Ma jump over the couch “into the trenches” to re-enact WWII, it’d be your favorite game, too!)

  1. What's the best vacation you've ever been on?
LittleAbout 3 1/2 years ago, we took a week-long vacation and visited Hilton Head Island, SC.  My mom, my brother, Chelsea, and Chelsea's husband came to stay with me and my husband during the week.  We hung out on the beach, did a lot of shopping and eating, and went to a Dave Matthews Band concert...  It was the best week ever!
ChelseaI have LOVED every vacation I’ve ever been on… but the most exciting was when my best friend (hi TKL!) and I went to Paris and Florence after we graduated high school.  Now Andrew and I are saving up so we can go for our 5-year anniversary next October!

  1. What made you want to start blogging?
LittleI'll let Chelsea handle this one.  I'm not the blogger in our business. ;)
ChelseaWhen Little and I decided to open our shop, I wanted to share our experiences during this endeavor- and I also hoped we could connect with other new bloggers and shop owners.  This is happening and it has been so exciting!

  1. Top three favorite reads {blog, magazine, book, site, whatever...}
LittleBetter Homes and Gardens Magazine (I get very excited when my new issue comes in the mail), Joyce Meyer devotionals, and Dan Brown books! 
ChelseaI could read the Harry Potter series over and over and over again.  When we do have kids, I’m going to read them Harry Potter before they go to sleep at night.  I want them to know that the world is magical.

  1. Any pets?
LittleI have an eight-pound yorkie named Ramsey.  He loves rawhide bones and snuggling with his mama and daddy.
ChelseaWe have a cat named Kitty Bug, and two pups named Copper & Penny.  Those pups are my world.

  1. What would your ideal date night look like? 
LittlePrepare for cheesiness!  I would have dinner on the beach followed by a moonlit walk on the edge of the water.  
ChelseaMy ideal date night happened last summer.  When I was driving home from work, I got a text from my hubby that said, “Just sitting at the docks waiting on my beautiful wife.”  I flew through the house and changed out of my work clothes and was at the dock in 10 minutes.  There he was, in the boat, with the music going and dinner ordered.  We drifted in our favorite cove and talked about all kinds of things and even caught a fish or two, watched the sun go down and then slowly made our way back home.  The spontaneity was awesome, the company even better. J I think I’ll keep him.

  1. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?
LittleThe hardest thing that I've ever done is pass the CPA exam.  I'm not going to lie...  I cried when I found out I passed the last section.  I've never felt so relieved!
ChelseaIs it sad that I can’t really think of anything?  I’d like to think that I have many accomplishments in my future.  

So did you learn anything new?  Any surprises??  I am cracking up right now because My Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" just came on my Pandora!  Little would love it. :)

Happy Tuesday- hope you're all caught up from Springing ahead!


  1. 1) I wanna see the organizer craftiness.
    2)Sara Bareilles is one of my absolute favorites (I have king of anything as my cells ring)
    I only saw her once but it was with Maroon5 and counting crows {sigh}
    Awesome answers!!

    1. Here's a link to Little's pin that inspired the organizer: http://pinterest.com/pin/100979216614707389/

      Sara B is amazing! :) Have a fantastic day!

  2. This is great!

    Little, I'm totally with ya on all my my guilty pleasures being food :P

    &&Chelsea, that date night sounds wonderful!

    thanks guys :)

    1. Thanks Kate! It was so fun answering your questions! :)

  3. Chelsea you work full time, run a business, and blog you could at least say you are a very accomplished juggler!

    Oh and I blame Little for the Disney songs Ice got stuck in my head...

    1. You're sweet, Kasey! :) Oh yes, blame her big time... I've moved on to the Lion King now and have been humming Hakuna Matata all morning.