Friday, April 6, 2012

The Week in Photos

Preparing for the Parker's Monster Bash!
My sister cut lots of colored paper into strips, and we stitched
them straight down the middle.
They were easy, fun and cute!

Caroline Marie is getting too big!
She's trying to learn how to stand on her own.
At this rate she'll be running a 5K on her 1st birthday.

Saturday night I snuck away from party prepping to have dinner at
Andrew's parents' house.
This little cutie and his parents were there!
Aunt Chels might have hogged him a little bit. :)

Late night monster bash prep.
I asked my little brother to blow up some balloons.
He blew them ALL up.
He's awesome like that.

Sweets in her monster shirt!
Us hostesses all made a monster shirt to wear.
It was a blast!

Andrew fishing on Wednesday.
It was a gorgeous evening.

I walked the pups while Andrew fished.
Copper hid behind me because he was terrified of a 12 year old.
At one point he ran straight out of his harness.
My pansy Budd. :)

My Sister sent me the sweetest email from Caroline Marie, full of photos!
I cried happy tears and then decided to print it and keep it forever.
I printed it as a booklet and now it fits perfectly in my planner.

I work in the Management Office at an outdoor mall.
Sometimes for my lunch break, I go park in an upper lot,
roll the windows down and let the breeze blow through the car
while I read or catch up on emails.
Yesterday was amazing with this storm rolling in.
I made it back to the office just as the rain hit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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