Friday, March 30, 2012

The Week in Photos

I have officially dubbed this week as nephew week!  We got to meet our newest nephew, Henry, on Sunday and I've spent this entire week getting ready for a party for our nephew-to-be Parker.  So excited to celebrate with the family!

Hubby and I watched 6 episodes straight of
the first season of Game of Thrones.
I justified it by making Parker letters.

In December, the sweetest stray cat started hanging at our house.
We named her Patches and put food out for her.
Friday she showed me where her new little kittens were.
(Under the doghouse.)
Sunday night, another mean stray cat came around.
He killed the 4 precious kittens.
Patches and I cried in the driveway while Andrew got them out.
I'm so sad for her.

We met our sweet nephew Henry on Sunday.
He's already sticking his tongue out at me.

When planning a Monster Bash, you can never have
enough Googly Eyes!!

My Sister sent me this picture of Caroline Marie
with her bunny ears on Wednesday.
I didn't get anything done for the next 2 hours.
I just looked at my phone and giggled.
She is the BEST!

Painting life-size monsters for Parker's Monster Bash!
This is Jeb.
He's our monster greeter going on the front door.

This is Pete.
He's telling me to stop eating all the jelly beans.

This is Sweetopus.
Sister and I created her together for the party invitation.
We decided she looks like the Monster-version of Caroline.
Now I'm giggling again.
I'll be sure to get a picture of Sweet Caroline and Sweetopus at the party!

Hope you all had a great week.  We had another Google+ hangout with those amazing bloggers I talked about earlier this month.  They are smart, silly, sweet and I'm proud to be a part of The Golden Tribe! <3

Happy Friday!

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  1. okay, just so you know. Monsters are my favorite. I love them to bits. You did a great job!!