Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Customer Photo

There is nothing more exciting than positive customer feedback... UNLESS that feedback comes with a photo!  And that is how Stephanie made our day. :)

She convo'd (Don't you just love Etsy lingo?  My sister has a habit of picking on the word convo now!) us a couple weeks back and said she was interested in our floor poufs, but wanted some that were taller and less wide, preferably 18x11".  We were excited to try something new, and these went on Morgan's stitching queue.

Yesterday, Stephanie left us some sweet feedback AND uploaded a photo of her custom pouf!

Stephanie says:
"Thank-You so much for the great customer service and awesome floor pillows/poufs--they are just what I needed (the perfect size for stowing under my coffee table when not in use)! Shipping seemed extremely fast, too. Thanks again gals!"

Don't you just love that room?  Stephanie, you have talent!  Would you come to my house?  And bring that chair.

While we are so sad that we are out of our favorite Ramsey Pouf fabric, we are excited to find something new and re-list them in the shop!  Meanwhile, if you are interested in a custom pouf, shoot us a convo (heehee, there it is again!) or an email.

Stephanie, thank you for your sweet words.  We have the best customers EVER!


  1. Awesome! I love love love that pouf - that may be going on my Christmas wish list! What a great place to prop my feet up while I blog! And hold up - could you do one in weatherproof fabric? Now I'm making a list of places in my house where I *need* this. Uh oh...

    1. Thanks, Skye! I'm getting ready to stitch one up for myself! :) And of course we could do one in outdoor fabric! It might cost a smidge more, but it is totally doable... Keep working on that list- we'll stitch up as many as you need!

  2. Yay for good feedback!! That floor pillow/pouf is ADORABLE!!

  3. That's awesome! {&& that pouf is CUTE!}