Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dreams, Goals, Growth

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Morgan has successfully completed our very first LittleStitch tax return!  Y'all, she is a whiz with everything numbers-related.  You should see the spreadsheets she has put together to track our orders, inventory, disbursements, etc.  Pretty much amazing.

It's got me thinking about how I can succeed more on my end of the deal (marketing, social media, blogging).  This blogging thing is a whole new world, and sometimes I wonder if lunch breaks and that spare time between stitching and bed is enough to really tackle this endeavor.  Am I using my time wisely?  How can I truly connect with other bloggers?  How much should we chat about our shop, personal lives, inspiration, etc.?  How can we bring more value to our posts?  It's a little overwhelming when I overthink it, so I'm planning to take it day by day and let our blog sort of fall into it's own routine.

Here are a few of the goals/resolutions I have in mind for our LittleStitch blog:

{1} Connect with other bloggers, particularly those new to blogging and Etsy.  (Sidenote: thanks to Kasey at Buttonwood Cottage and Skye at Neathering our Fest, this goal is rolling!)

{2} Find our balance between shop/stitching posts, personal posts, inspirational posts, etc.

{3} Gain many more followers and provide content that keeps them coming back for more! :)

{4} Host a giveaway!  And have another blog host a giveaway of a LittleStitch item.

{5} Grow our blog & handmade business to the point where we can pack and head off to an amazing convention such as Blissdom... so excited for the many bloggers traveling to Nashville this week!

Morgan and I have jumped into this adventure head-first with no idea of where it would take us.  The surprising early success (post-Christmas was especially wonderful) of our Etsy shop has made me dream a lot bigger than what I expected.  We're full of ideas and can't wait to implement them!

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday Eve,


  1. I have similar goals to you. I've always wanted to start an Etsy shop and sell some items that i've made. It's so hard to find the time to do everything i'd like to do! I guess that is where time-management comes into play! :)

    I am hosting my first giveaway today! I reached my goal of 150 followers and decided to celebrate with a giveaway. :)


    1. Sam- time is definitely something we can't seem to get enough of! I'm about to head over and check out your giveaway... 150 followers?! Congrats! If you're ever looking for another item to giveaway- let me know! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Holla!! I can't wait to meet you soon!! xoxoxox

    1. We're SO EXCITED!!! Y'all won't even be able to handle our camera awkwardness, hahaa! :)