Friday, December 16, 2011

A Sweet Gift

Yesterday, I received something in the mail that made me squeal like a pre-teen at a Justin Bieber concert.  You see, there's just something about owls (aka hooties) that I love.  It all started with two paperweight owls from Barnes & Noble that my husband, Andrew, and I like to place in strange places to surprise each other.  (And of course they have names- Petey & Hooty.  Watch out for Petey- he's a bit of a perv... I've found him in the shower with me on more than one occasion!).  Since then, I have accumulated several more hooties: there's the spraypainted owl I found in our attic (Professor), the matching white thrift store hooties (Bari & Perri), my hootie Christmas ornament from Morgan (Nicklaus), my sparkly hootie necklace from Morgan (Paris), and now- thanks to my awesome Cuz, I get to add this little guy to my collection:

Meet Mr. Inch... he seems like a pretty cool, unassuming guy in plaid, right?  Well, check this out:

He's a measuring tape!  Are you believing this?  That's right, from here on out if you order something from LittleStitch, there's a very good chance that Mr. Inch helped me at some point.  As a matter of fact, he already helped me on a little something for a certain hootie gift giver. ;)

Thank you so much to my Cuz!  I absolutely love my newest hootie addition!

Have a great weekend!

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